2.0 Launch

* 1. What device do you use to access

* 2. Do you use a magnetic stripe reader (Mag-Stripe)?

* 3. If you answered yes above, does your Mag-Stripe reader work on the new site?

* 4. If you have a Mag-Stripe reader, how often do cards fail to swipe?

* 5. How do you feel about our new site?

* 6. How likely are you to recommend to other medical professionals?

* 7. Do you use Batch Validation?

* 8. For Batch Validation users, how would you rate the new Batch Validation?

* 9. How interested are you in accessing statistics about how you use
(Examples: total card count, number of valid/invalid cards, number of unique patients seen, number of new patients in a given time period)

* 10. Do you have any comments, questions, or concerns?
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