Funding Information

The Diocesan Development Fund is an initiative of the Diocesan Council established in 2019. It is a structured process that provides an equal opportunity for ministry units/mission ventures to apply for funds for development projects. The process enables the Diocesan Council to make strategic development decisions that benefit local communities as well as the whole diocese.

The Fund is a limited resource predominantly made up of invested surpluses and proceeds from the sale of diocesan property.

Ministry units and mission ventures can apply for funds for new developments that are closely connected to the local mission and ministry strategies and align with the wider vision of the diocese.

Projects should reflect one or more dimensions of the Healthy Church Model: Knowing God, Growing in Christ, Shaping Community, and Living Beyond Ourselves (refer to Appendix 3, Healthy Church Model here). Projects will also reach new people, new locations or new generations; employ innovative methods of mission and ministry; or develop leaders.

Applicants need to provide suitable leaders and personnel to manage and deliver their project, along with financial resources and a plan for future sustainability.
The eligibility of your application will be measured and tested against several criteria. Below are the criteria for applications covered by the Diocesan Development Fund Policy. For the full policy refer to Appendix One, Diocesan Development Fund Policy, in the Funding Information Sheet here.

1. Application Eligibility
   1.1. Nature of Project
         1.1.1. The project shall:
                 a) Reach new people, new locations and/or new generations; or
                 b) Employ innovative methods of mission and ministry; or
                 c) Develop leaders.
         1.1.2. The project shall:
                 a) Align with the funding applicant’s overall mission and ministry strategy/plan; and
                 b) Align with the wider diocesan mission and ministry vision.
   1.2. Project Delivery
         1.2.1. The funding applicant shall provide:
                 a) Suitable leadership;
                 b) Financial resources - ideally 50% of the project budget;
                 c) Personnel resources to manage and deliver the project; and
                 d) A plan mapping out the future sustainability of the project. Funds may be made available for multi-year projects however after three years only 50% of costs would be funded.
Applications are received and reviewed by the Diocesan Development Fund Advisory Group, who make recommendations to Diocesan Council.

We encourage you to discuss your project and any questions you may have with your archdeacon in the first instance. You are also welcome to contact any member of the advisory group, details below.

Diocesan Development Fund Advisory Group Members:
Archdeacon Michael Berry
Archdeacon Jonathan Gale
Archdeacon Carole Hughes
Diocesan Council Advisory Group member, David Howe
Diocesan Council Advisory Group member, Sue Lewis-O’Halloran
Diocesan Manager, Sonia Maugham

Annual rounds may vary depending on the amount of work generated via applications received, and external factors that may impinge on the Advisory Group’s work. As part of the review process, the Group may visit your site to see first-hand, or discuss in more detail, the vision of your project.

Applications are to be submitted using the application form either manually sent to or online (using this Survey Monkey application form provided). For applications to be considered they must be received by the due date (last day of the round).

Final funding decisions will be made by Diocesan Council and applicants will be informed in writing as to the decision and all correspondence regarding decisions must be directed to the Diocesan Manager.

Successful applicants will need to report on the progress of their project, which will be monitored by the Advisory Group.

Once applications have been approved through the Diocesan Development Fund application process, funds are able to be accessed depending on the funding amount/s and timing of your project. 

Diocesan Development funds are invested and not available on call. It is important that you have a discussion with the Diocesan Manager as early as possible once you receive notification that your application has been successful to determine when funds need to be released from investment.

Grants and loans are paid on receiving your project’s creditor invoices. It is therefore important that invoices are received by the Diocesan Office in plenty of time to ensure the payment terms are met. In some circumstances there may be project funding paid directly to a ministry unit e.g. wages.

Loan terms and conditions should be indicated on the application. Loan terms and conditions will be approved by Diocesan Council.

When providing budget figures please ensure these are GST exclusive (if any applies). Approved funds will be based on the GST exclusive amounts. Where the Diocese pays the invoice directly, and it includes GST, the Diocese will claim the GST back. These invoices need to be under the name of the Diocese. Rebated GST will not be paid to the ministry unit in addition to the approved funding.

There may be some situations where the GST treatment on funding grants varies depending on the project being funded. Please contact the Diocesan Office if you require clarification regarding your specific situation.