* 1. Please select the choices that BEST describes you:

* 2. What are your preferred analytics/software tools?

* 3. I joined RTA to learn about: (Check all that apply):

* 4. For each of the following topics, indicate if you would like to see More Content, Less Content, or the Same Amount of Content on that topic.

  A Lot Less Less Same Amount More A Lot More
Artificial Intelligence
Code development for analytics (programming techniques, software development)
Consumer research
Web Marketing
Predictive Modeling
Research Methods
Business Analytics
How local organizations are using analytics

* 5. For each of the following, indicate if you would like group meetings to focus more, less or the same amount in this area:

  A Lot Less Less Same Amount More A Lot More
Helping me develop my skills
Helping me connect with local employers
Helping me connect with colleagues

* 6. What was the best meeting you attended this year? (Please select one.)

* 7. What was your least-favorite presentation you attended this year?

* 8. What keeps you from attending more meetings?

* 9. What do you want us to do differently next year?

* 10. What else would you like to tell us?