Are you interested in participating in the Northampton Book and Book Arts Fair?

Hello - This survey is to see who is interested in participating and staying overnight in Northampton the weekend of the Book and Book Arts Fair December 2nd and 3rd.

Are you interested in representing B.A.G. at the table during the fair?  The fair hours are Saturday December 2nd from 1-5, and 
Sunday from 10-4.  If we have enough volunteers we will break it down into shifts.  Members are also able to sell artist books at the table.

We have found an airbnb that looks very cozy for relaxing and even working on projects- it could be a great place for a book artist retreat as well as accommodations while attending the fair.  

We need to know if the house is big enough for those interested, or too big if interest in staying overnight is low.  The house we have reserved sleeps 6 with 3 bedrooms- and there appears to be space on the floors in each room for air mattresses in case we have more than 6 interested or you wish more space to stretch out!  There are also 3 bathrooms.  

With 6 of us each night, each night will cost $70, if more women are interested then the price will go down per night.  If there is a lot of interest, then we will consider changing the plan and finding a larger place to stay.  Or finding different accommodations if interest is low.

Please fill out the sign up if you are interested in participating in the fair and staying the Friday, Saturday or both nights with us in Northampton.  

Thank you!

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* 1. Art you interested in representing B.A.G. at the Northampton Book and Book Arts Fair?

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* 2. Are you interested in selling your artist books at the Fair?

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* 3. Are you interested in spending Friday, Saturday, or both nights with BAG members at an airbnb in Northampton?  It will be about $70 a night.

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* 4. Are you interested in carpooling to Northampton?  If so, where is a good location to meet you to carpool?

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* 5. Please add your name and contact information. 

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* 6. Do you have any suggestions or comments about the weekend in Northampton?