* 1. If the school music department for your child (grandchild, etc) hired a recording company at little to no cost to the school for the purpose of recording a concert, would you be interested in purchasing a recording of their performance?

* 2. Would you be more interested in...

* 3. Would you be more inclined to purchase a recording if a portion of the sale price was given back to the school as a fundraiser?

* 4. For a 90 minute concert with a digital download, which price package would you be more interested in...

* 5. If you have previously purchased a recording from RecordME.co, how easy was it to purchase and download the recording?

* 6. If you have previously purchased a recording, how would you consider the recording quality for the price, keeping in mind talent of the musicians involved?

* 7. Would you recommend RecordME.co to friends and family for use in schools, church and community events?

* 8. RecordME.co is a new technology in the recording industry, and you are lucky enough to be on the front end of this endeaver! We are constantly looking to improve our recording quality, ease of use, display table, and tech support. Would you please leave any comments to help us improve?! We look forward to recording your next event!