Client Quarterly ITSM Performance Evaluation

The ITSM is the hub for all IT-related questions, problems, ideas and initiatives at your organization. The ITSM develops a strong understanding not only of your organization’s technology infrastructure, but also of its people and processes. As a skilled technology generalist, the ITSM is continuously learning as he or she delivers service to diverse IT environments. He or she works on a flexible schedule, maintaining a presence at your office at least one day per week while working remotely at other times in order to deliver services promptly.

He or she calls on the various resources at TNB as appropriate in order to you’re your organization’s full complement of IT needs, including planning, project management, security and compliance, network engineering, help desk support, 24/7 network operations monitoring, procurement, training, and hardware maintenance.

This ITSM survey will provide guidance and direction for your ITSM while allowing TNB to ensure that we continue to deliver the very best possible service to you and your staff.

* 1. The ITSM ensures that the client is properly informed of how s/he is implementing the TNB parameters, protocols and processes that TNB agreed to perform as part of the agreement.

* 2. The ITSM maintains a clearly communicated onsite presence at the client site on a regular schedule that allows the client the convenience of knowing when the ITSM is available and onsite. All absences from regularly scheduled visits will be communicated with as much advance notice as possible.

* 3. The ITSM manages all IT projects from beginning-to-end, keeping the client regularly and
routinely informed via email and in milestone meetings.

* 4. The ITSM responds within 24 hours to all client emails and phone calls.

* 5. The ITSM makes sure that there is appropriate incident management and is available for consultation after hours and on weekends during critical incidents, that is when there is a loss of business continuity or risk of data loss.

* 6. The ITSM makes him/herself available to provide guidance and support to the DST

* 7. The ITSM works with the client to establish priorities and setup the task list for the DST. The ITSM regularly monitors progress and timeliness of response and verifies/validates the completion of tasks.

* 8. The ITSM takes ownership of technical problems that arise at the client site and utilizes all possible resources to resolve them quickly and efficiently, keeping the client regularly and routinely informed as appropriate

* 9. The ITSM provides both strategic and tactical IT planning services that meet the business needs of the client.

* 10. Please leave any additional feedback about your ITSM:

* 11. Name of Person performing evaluation: