Aina Haina Prepared Welcomes You!

Mahalo for taking the time to help our neighborhood become a more resilient community! We're so happy we can count on you to participate in this survey--just a few questions and you're pau!
Privacy Notice:  This information will be kept confidentially within the confines of our defined neighborhood.  However, in the event of a local disaster, this information may be shared with the official Emergency Responders entrusted to provide us aid. Participation in this survey is optional.

Completing this survey does not in any way guarantee or promise your safety or survival in any disaster or situation.
We want to hear from everyone, so please share this link widely with your neighbors. Visit for a copy of this survey and more. For questions, please contact Danny Tengan, Coordinator, at or 808-620-5403.
MAHALO for your kokua! 

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