* 1. Are you currently interested in obtaining individual aircraft hangar space at KHNB ?

* 2. How immediate is your need for hangar space/capacity?

* 3. What type of aircraft do you own that you need to store?

* 4. Assuming individual hangar space is available, would you be interested in pre-sale or pre-lease option providing a discounted lease rate or prefer a monthly lease rate?

* 5. Please rank all amenities that you would desire to have in an individual hangar space, recognizing that they are cost drivers, in order of importance to your needs:

  Least Important Most Important
Manual Sliding Door
Bi-fold Door

* 6. What length of lease would you be willing to accept?

* 7. How much would you be willing to pay monthly to lease a individual hangar?

* 8. Why do you desire to hangar at KHNB?

* 9. Optional – please feel free to provide additional input for consideration

* 10. Please provide your name, address, tail number and contact information