1. 2012 DC Jazz Festival

The George Washington University Sport and Event Management Program is conducting a survey about the DC Jazz Festival and its economic impact on the host community. Thank you for your assistance in answering the following questions.


* 2. Is the DC Jazz Festival the primary reason you traveled to the area?

* 3. If no, what is your primary reason for traveling to the Washington, DC area?

* 4. How many people, including yourself, traveled to Washington, DC with you?

* 5. How many nights are you planning to stay in the area? (if none, proceed to question 8)

* 6. What type of accommodations are you staying in while in the area? (if hotel)

* 7. What type of accommodations are you staying in while in the area? (if other than hotel)

* 8. What type of transportation did you use to arrive to the area?

* 9. Based on a typical day during your visit, what are your daily individual expenditures on:

* 10. What is your individual total expenditure on the DC Jazz Festival on:

* 11. What factor MOST influenced your decision to attend the DC Jazz Festival. (Please select ONE only)

* 12. If "Advertisement" Specify, which advertisement or Where was advertisement?

* 13. How did you hear about the DC Jazz Festival?

* 14. If you heard about the DC Jazz Festival through a Local Restaurant/Bar, please specify here.

* 15. How many DC Jazz Festival Events do you plan to attend in total?