How do you see yourself creatively?

This survey is for anyone who is pursuing a creative path or wishes to be more creative in some way; painting, music, sculpture, writing, quilt and/or cake making, etc. So... pretty much everyone.

* 1. Are you involved in a creative profession?

* 2. If no, do you desire to seek a more creative path?

* 3. Do you know what that path is (eg. painting, writing, music, etc?)

* 4. If yes, what is it?

* 5. If you are involved in a creative profession, is this a primary endeavor (your sole enterprise and not a side thing)?

* 6. If no, do you wish to make it a primary endeavor?

* 7. What are you motivations for what you do? Click any that apply.

* 8. Do you prefer canned string beans or fresh?

* 9. Do you consider yourself a creative individual in general?

* 10. Do you believe there's a difference between the ability to produce an adept painting (for example) and the ability to be creative?

* 11. How many hours a week do you spend related to your chosen creative efforts?

* 12. Do you believe that one is born with talent?

* 13. Do you ever feel stuck creatively?

* 14. Are you afraid of taking risks with your work?

* 15. Do you ever dream of trying something very different creatively?

* 16. How concerned are you with how others view you?

* 17. Are  you involved in any other sub-cultures? Motorcycle gangs, Goth, Fishing, Shriners, etc.

* 18. Do you feel your creative efforts are authentic to you (as in true and unique to you)?

* 19. If this is your primary endeavor, do you feel you have something to say with your work?

* 20. How adept are you at evaluating your own work (self-critical doesn't count)? Click all that apply.

* 21. How self-critical are you with regards to your own work?

* 22. Would you shave an eyebrow off on a dare?

* 23. How adept are you at solving a problem in an unconventional way?

* 24. Do you feel sometimes that your current process is limiting you in some way?

* 25. Do you ever feel held back, either by internal or external forces, from trying something different?

* 26. Have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs personality test?

* 27. Have you ever worn two shoes that don't match?

* 28. How willing are you to try something completely new to you?

* 29. Do you prefer a good book or a movie about the book?

* 30. What is your favorite word or phrase?

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