Thank you for agreeing to participate in our research!

We are interested in your responses to questions about the cost of cultivating marijuana, and your perceptions regarding how cultivation costs differ based on the size of operations. Your experience will help our understanding of the economics of marijuana production. Responses will be kept confidential.

First we would like to ask you a few questions about your operations. If you are involved with more than one operation, please describe only one operation (the one you consider to be the most significant) for the cost estimates that follow.

* 1. Which response best describes the type of cultivation?

* 2. If you grow outside, please report in square feet (leave blank if you do not grow outside):

* 3. If you grow inside, please report in square feet (leave blank if you do not grow inside):

* 4. In a typical year, how many times would you harvest?

* 5. How many marijuana plants per harvest did you harvest last year?

* 6. How many pounds of saleable marijuana did you produce in the last year?

* 7. Of that saleable marijuana, how much was trim/shake?

* 8. Which state is your operation in (we use this to adjust costs that vary by state)?