* 1. In which FVJN activities do you participate?

* 2. What other types of events, activities and committees would you like to see added to FVJN?

* 3. Would you be willing to serve on any of the following FVJN committees?

* 4. How do you feel about the monthly FVJN eNewsletter and weekly eBlasts?

* 5. What do you most enjoy/like/appreciate about FVJN?

* 6. What needs, personal and community, would you like to see FVJN address?

* 7. Would you like to see FVJN continue as a Jewish community group, or would you like to see it grow into a synagogue?

* 8. Do you donate regularly to FVJN? Would you formally join if there were annual dues?

* 9. Do you have any comments you would like to share with the FVJN Board of Directors?

* 10. (Optional) Please tell us who you are, and how you first learned about FVJN.
Thank you!