Decide What Kali's Next Story will be....

I wanted to try something new as an author, so....

I have a variety of stories started, then put on the to be written shelf for later on. There are many things I could complete, but in the midst of all the promotional responsibilities of being an author, my muse goes on sabatical from time to time.

To get her back in the mood, I was inspired to create an online survey with a unique and twisted idea!

I'm not going to decide what I write next, YOU ARE!

Based on the results of my survey, I am going to write my next story, guided by the results of the people telling me what interests them most! Feeling intrigued?

Answer the questions, checking off all of the options that apply in your opinion, there's only a few, and it will take a minute or two at the most, but the results could be spectacular!

Your input will help create Kali Willows' next best seller!!!

* 1. What genres do you like most?

* 2. How much spice do you prefer in your books?

* 3. What length of book do you prefer most?

* 4. What format do you prefer books in?

* 5. What type of creatures intrigue you most?

* 6. What kind of hero do you prefer?

* 7. What kind of heroine do you preferÉ

* 8. What type of setting do you prefer

* 9. What other elements do you prefer to have in a story?

* 10. What appeals to you most?