* 1. Are you a FERC church member or a regular worshipper at our services?

* 2. Is this your first visit to the web site since June? (If this is your first visit, you may want to defer completing the survey until you have completed your visit.)

* 3. How many times have you visited the FERC web site in the last month?

* 4. Have you visited the Sermons page? If yes, do you:

* 5. If you are a church member or regular worshipper, have you logged in to the Members section?

* 6. After this visit, when do you think you will want or need to visit again?

* 7. I visit the web site to:

* 8. What are the main difficulties you face using this web site, if any?

* 9. Any suggestions/advice to help us improve the website?