Address:  8035 - 8039 16th Ave NW, Seattle
Project Number: 3037524-EG

About the Project:
Blackwood Builders Group and Cone Architecture are partnering on the redevelopment of 8035, 8039 16th Ave NW, Seattle, WA. The new development will be 9 townhouses with 2 covered parking stalls accessed from new driveway.

Share your Thoughts:
We want to hear from the community. Please share your concerns and priorities for this new development, and for the neighborhood overall, on the project website or by taking the online survey.

Information you share in this survey could be made public. Please do not share any personal/sensitive information.

Additional Information:
You can track our progress throughout the permitting process. Search the project address or project number in the Design Review Calendar and the Seattle Services Portal.
Connect Online:
Please visit our interactive project website to learn more about the proposal. The website features preliminary site plans and general parameters of the upcoming project. All are welcome to explore, ask questions, and provide feedback.

Take an Online Survey:
Use this online survey to provide feedback. This survey will be available from 02/2/2021 to 02/24/2021.

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Question Title

* 1. What is your connection to this project (Select all that apply)

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* 2. What is most important to you about a new building on this property? (Select all that apply)

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* 3. What concerns do you have about this project? (Select all that apply)

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* 4. Is there anything specific about this property or neighborhood that would be important for us to know?

Do you have any additional project-related thoughts or ideas to share?
Contact Weicheng Li of Cone Architecture at or at (206) 693-3133.