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Thank you for taking time to complete our survey. As a member of our stakeholder community, you are an essential part of what we do. Together with your help we have served over 40,000 clients throughout Southern California. Surveys like these help us improve our relationships and stay connected with you, our valued stakeholders. Your opinion matters, please take a moment to share your thoughts today!

* 1. Does the affiliation of an organization (e.g. faith based, trade, social welfare, civic, educational, etc.) impact your support of a non-profit organization or agency?

* 2. How important are existing community partnerships and collaborations in your decision to support a non-profit or social service agency?

* 3. Can you identify a lead organization in your area that provides social service referrals or services in your community?

* 4. Which of the following would you prefer when your community is in need of new social services: (Please indicate your first choice)

* 5. How do you ascertain the overall stability of a non-profit organization? (Please indicate your first choice)

* 6. Which method of communication best assists you in holding the organization accountable? (Please indicate your first choice)

* 7. How would you classify LSS Southern California as an organization? 

* 8. Please indicate the top three items that constitute an employer of choice:

* 9. Please select the categories that best describe your affiliation with LSS Southern California: