2012 Recognize Awards

DEF CON is taking nominations for the following categories of awards. Voting for the actual nominated names will not be conducted here, on Survey Monkey. Instead, we'll have active voting, on-site, during the Recognize Awards ceremony. Audience participation is encouraged. In the meantime, we invite you to submit your nominations for each award category defined in this survey.

Rules for Nomination:

1) Nominations must be legitimate nominations. That's to say, they must not simply be a joke intended to get people to think you're funny because you lack the necessary social skills to have friend in real life.
2) You must supply appropriate rationale for your nomination. Tell us WHY you think this person/story/thing deserves to be "Recognized" by DEF CON. Nominations without this information will NOT be considered.
3) These are nominations only. Voting will be conducted during the conference. So if you're really intent on your nomination winning the award, you should attend the Recognize Award Ceremony.
4) Nominations must be submitted no later than midnight, Las Vegas time, on July 10th, 2012, to be considered for inclusion. Late entries will not be considered.
5) You do not have to provide a nomination for every category.

Nominations will be reviewed by the DEF CON Awards Committee, with the most relevant being presented for voting during the conference. The better your case for your nominee, the more information we'll have to make an informed decision. Be sure to include links to stories, news, or other items that help justify your nomination!

* 1. Worst coverage of security/hacker related issues by a media person or media outlet (Print Media).

* 2. Worst coverage of security/hacker related issues by a media person or media outlet (Broadcast Media).

* 3. Best privacy enhancing technology for the last 12 months (Since DEF CON 19).

* 4. Best security or hacker related Twitter feed.

* 5. The "Twit Twat" award for the worst security or hacker related Twitter feed.

* 6. The "Captain Obvious" award for the most "common sense" BS talk at DEF CON 20. ** NO NOMINATIONS ARE BEING TAKING PRIOR TO THE CON **

* 7. The "Security Charlatan of the Year" award.