USA Baseball Kid's Club Feedback Survey

1.How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the USA Baseball Kid's Club purchase process?
2.Which items in the Kid's Club kit were your child's favorite? Select all that apply.
3.How do you feel about the cost of the USA Baseball Kid's Club relative to the value received?
4.How satisfied are you with the shipping process for the Kid's Club kit?
5.How would you rate the customer service you received related to the USA Baseball Kid's Club?
6.What aspects of the USA Baseball Kid's Club do you think could be improved?
7.Do you have any additional comments or suggestions for new items or perks that could be included in the Kid's Club?
On a scale of 0 to 10,
How likely is it that you would recommend the USA Baseball Kid's Club to a friend or colleague?
0 for Not at all likely, 10 for Extremely likely
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