Searching for the best chat-up line? We mined the Edinburgh Chat-Up Scale questionnaire devised by Peter Caryl and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh, UK, for the 14 top pick-up propositions. Now it's time for you to see how well you can tell which ones will land the catch.

According to Caryl, chat-up lines could be more than just conversation starters. Just as a peacock displays its feathers to show off its worth, a man's opening remarks can flaunt qualities that might attract the object of his interest. On the flip side, a woman's response could reveal whether she'd make a good match.

This quiz – like the study it's based on – looks only at the success of chat-up lines delivered by men trying to attract a mate of the opposite sex.

Each question sets the scene, and includes a dialogue between an aspiring  Romeo and his intended Juliet. It's up to you to judge how successful you think the man will be.

Judge each scenario as good – likely to make a woman want to continue the conversation – or bad – likely to make her want to make a quick exit.

After each question, we'll reveal how participants in Cooper's study rated the approach so you can see if your pulling instincts are on target.

Finally, we'll ask you to rate your favourite chat-up line. We'll reveal the results of our survey on next week.

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