About the Diaspora Investment Fund

What is the Diaspora Investment Fund?

Diaspora Infrastructure Fund is a private public equity fund. The fund shall invest in infrastructure projects in Ghana. The Fund will be managed by experienced Ghanaians professionals with world-class experience and shall operate with a first class governance structure, transparency, accountability and integrity - publishing all lawful accounting reports and more. A dedicated application (website) will provide investors with fund performance, projects ear-marked for investments and employment opportunities for investors.

What will you money be used for?

The money from the Fund will be used to invest in projects such as Power Stations, Infrastructure, Real Estates, Sanitation and Government IT projects. You will own shares in the assets of the Fund i.e. the Power Stations, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Sanitation and Government IT projects etc. Your investment is analogous to sending money home to build a house.

How much will get for investing?

You can expect to receive return on your investment of over 12.5% every year that your money is invested in a project. You will also receive dividends.

Can I take my money Out?

You can take your money out after a period of time (say 3 years...to give the Fund time to grow and invest in the high quality projects/assets). The projects we are looking to invest in will typically be of value exceeding $5 Million.

Is my money safe?

The Fund will work as any investment in stocks and shares of a company. It will be governed by the investment laws of Ghana. It means the value of the company could go up or down. But because the company will not be publicly traded on the stock exchange, we expect stable growth as the Fund continues to grow its portfolio of projects/assets.

How would you make sure the projects you invest in are good?

We have skilled and experienced managers who will select projects with good returns and solid credit worthiness either guaranteed by the World Bank, IMF, Sovereign Guarantee or with Government equity stake wherever possible. We will select projects which has strong demand and growth. We will not overpay for developing projects.

Reasons for YOU to invest

a.Supplement your income & pension
b.Own part of a large business enterprise
c.Potentially work for the projects owned by the Fund
d.Give something back to your country