As part of our development or Highland Park’s 2018 District 15 Plan we would like residents’ feedback on the priorities that have been proposed for inclusion in the plan. 

Background:  The purpose of this plan is to provide a 10-year vision͕ with objectives and strategies to guide growth, investment, and development in the district. The goal is to ensure that this plan fits with the City’s Comprehensive plan, reflects the aspirations and visions of our neighborhood, and helps frame the objectives and strategies to guide future decisions involving commercial and residential development, green space, transportation, and transit opportunities in the Highland Park neighborhood.   The council wants the report to, as its own mission declares, “foster opportunities for the people that live, learn, work and play in Highland Park to engage and connect with neighbors, businesses and local government and to help build a more vibrant, welcoming, and safe neighborhood.” 

The Draft District 15 Plan can be viewed at  

The draft plan is the result of extensive community outreach including an online survey that drew more than 400 responses; outreach at Highland Fest, pop-up events at grocery stores, a portable park and other locations. In addition, the Task Force incorporated data and findings from a University of Minnesota study on aging that featured Highland Park as one of the two communities studied.  

This survey will take just a few minutes to complete.  Thank you for taking the time to provide information that will impact the future of Highland Park. 

For each topic below please rank the actions listed in order of importance to you, with 1 being the MOST IMPORTANT.  

* 1. Land Use 

* 2. Transportation

* 3. Parks and Recreation 

* 4. Housing

* 5. Environment and Water Resources

* 6. Additional Feedback 

Thank you!!