Residential Open Space Survey

The City of Bozeman is updating our development codes and we want to learn how you use private open space. The City requires developers to provide individual or shared areas so apartment residents have a place to recreate or relax. These spaces come in a number of configurations and may include a porch, balcony, gym, playground, or other common space inside or outside. Thank you for your time and input!

To learn more please visit the project web site. 

1.Do you have direct access to a balcony or patio from your apartment?
2.If you do have a balcony or patio, how do you use the area? Check all that apply:
3.Does your complex or apartment building have a common area such as community room, gym, or other common area you can use?
4.If you have access to a community room do you use it?
5.If you have access to a community gym do you use it?
6.If you have "other" space do you use it?
7.How is it configured?
8.If you don't use it why not?
9.If you have an idea how to make it better or have any other comments please let us know. Click HERE to provide a comment.