* 1. How did you hear about our study?

* 2. Are you:

* 3. How old were you on your last birthday? (Please only use whole numbers and exclude months. For example, you could answer "26").

* 4. Do you consider yourself?

* 5. In the past year, how many male sexual partners have you had? You can approximate. (Please use whole numbers. Do not use fractions or decimal points.)

* 6. Currently, are you in a monogamous relationship?

* 7. Have you ever tested HIV positive?

* 8. On average, how many times per month (an approximate number) do you have receptive anal intercourse (bottom)?

* 9. Thinking of the last 10 times you bottomed, how many times would you say you used condoms?

* 10. If someone has receptive anal intercourse (that is, they bottom) without condoms, would you say that:

* 11. How many alcoholic drinks (an approximate number) do you have per week?

* 12. Do you smoke cigarettes?

* 13. How do you want to receive notification if you qualify for this study? Please include an email address or phone number.

* 14. What do you want to be called? Nicknames are acceptable. This study is completely anonymous.

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