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* 1. Please Provide your details?

* 2. What comes to your mind, when you think of luxury items?
(e.g-clothes, watches, car, any other thing, pls provide brand name)

* 3. For me, luxury brands are inevitably high priced

* 4. How often do you read Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle magazines?

* 5. Do you think Using Luxury Brands have lot to do with attracting female?

* 6. Do you think Luxury Brands give you certain Status

* 7. If a brand is not highly priced, would you consider this item as luxury?

* 8. Which fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands do you presently own?

* 9. Rate the importance of these pre-purchase factors accordingly with your purchase.

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Brand Name
Unique Features

* 10. Which lifestyle brands you have heard of from the list below:

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