Project Leap Program Evaluation

Please complete this short survey about the education program provided by the LEAP Health Educator this year. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

* 1. Rate your Health Educator's punctuality and professionalism and preparedness.

* 2. Rate your Health Educator's ability to present information according to the age and ability of your students.

* 3. Rate your Health Educator's knowledge on the subject matter of the curriculum and ability to respond to questions/comments.

* 4. Rate your Health Educator 's ability to respond to and/or seek assistance when classroom behavior interferes with the lesson.

* 5. Rate how your Health Educator gave clear instructions for class activities.

* 6. Rate how your Health Educator involved your students through activities, role playing, class discussions, media or other use of technology.

* 7. The Health Educator provided adequate information to the teacher.

* 8. Was the curriculum applied by the students or teachers outside of the Project LEAP session?

* 9. Please give us the name of your school, address and the grade you teach.