Evo HOA Earthquake Insurance

First, please read the document that was sent via email describing each earthquake insurance option.  The HOA Insurance Agent has provided 3 options; a Master Earthquake Policy, a Modular Earthquake Policy and coverage from California Earthquake Authority. Earlier in November, Brian Kalmenson from Kirk Miller Insurance presented the earthquake insurance options that were available for the association. If you missed the presentation, a recording of the meeting is below for your review before proceeding with the survey.

Earthquake Policy Presentation
Question Title
1.Knowing coverage is limited to $50M before deductible and the full amount might only cover common areas, are you in favor of purchasing a Master Policy? 

The cost in May 2022 was $205,983 per year or approximately $54.32 monthly per unit. Without the coverage, a $158,227 per unit special assessment would be required to cover common area repairs. The assessment by unit would vary by unit size similarly to the regular assessments.  

Even with coverage, the deductible would be equal to 10% of Evo’s building replacement cost, which at the time of quoting, the deductible would have been $15,329,028. This mean in the event of an earthquake event, owners would still be assessed an average of $48,509 (would vary by unit size) to fund the deductible.
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2.Do you prefer the Modular Earthquake Policy only, which enable homeowners to purchase coverage limits beyond what is offered by the California Earthquake Authority (CEA)?
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3.Would you prefer combining the purchase of a Master Policy with a Modular Earthquake Policy?
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4.I would only consider options from California Earthquake Authority