Defensible Space Quiz

Pick the best possible answer for each question. One answer per question. All of the questions and answers for this quiz are based on California Public Resource Code (PRC) 4291 and/or Northstar Community Service District (NCSD) Ordinance 26-09.

* 1. All branches must be removed within _____ feet of any stovepipe or chimney.

* 2. Prune lower branches of trees to a height of ___ feet for trees under 24 feet.

* 3. Stovepipes and chimney openings must have a metal screen with openings of __ inch or less.

* 4. Leaves, pine needles, or other vegetation must be removed from

* 5. A five foot non-combustible zone must be maintained next to any structure.

* 6. Pine needle/forest duff can not exceed __ inches within 100' of a structure or to the property boundary if it is less than 100' to a structure.

* 7. All tree limbs within 10 feet horizontally or vertically of a structure must be removed.

* 8. Dead trees within 100 feet of a structure do not need to be removed.

* 9. Address numbers must be visible from the street, in contrasting colors and at least 3" in size.

* 10. The Northstar Fire Department provides free defensible space inspections to our residents.

* 11. (Optional) Do you feel the Northstar Fire Department is adequately addressing the wildfire threat to the community?

* 12. (Optional) If you answered "No" to Question 11, do you have any suggestions to improve the Northstar Defensible Space program?

* 13. (Optional) Type in your Name and Phone number to be entered into a drawing for a Rubicon Pizza $50 gift certificate.

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