* 1. My Role In Women's Ministry

* 2. The size of our church (either members, or weekly attendance)

* 3. Women's Ministry events happen

* 4. Our Women's Ministry offers

Small Group, Life Group, Bible Studies for Women Only
Brunches, Luncheons, Teas
Retreats or Mini Conferences for our church only
Retreats or Mini Conferences open to our community
Community Groups based on hobbies/interests (sewing, crafting, hiking, etc)
Host of concerts, simulcast events or live conference events under the umbrella of another larger ministry
Community Service Projects or Missions Projects

* 5. Our Women's Ministry Budget is

* 6. Our Women's Ministry Leader/Director or Women's Pastor is

* 7. Our Women's Ministry is overseen by the

* 8. We communication Women's Ministry events by

* 9. Our Women's Ministry

* 10. Our Women's Ministry leadership