The HPSS has a new Class of Storage to support transfer of files 1TB or Larger.

The OLCF HPSS now has a Redundant Array of Independent Tapes (RAIT) for new transfers of files that are 1 TB or greater in size. What this means is that all files 1TB or greater in size, that are transferred to the HPSS, will have automatic redundancy in the event of a tape failure. RAIT is more secure and uses less tape for large files to guarantee data redundancy than the old method of using dual copies. 

Thus, we want to know what granularity of filesize you usually use to move data to the HPSS and what you think your future needs will be. 

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* 1. What granularity of filesize do you typically use to move your data to the OLCF hpss?

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* 2. What granularity of filesize would you most like to use to move your data to the OLCF HPSS in the future?