Preston School District Arts Review Survey

Preston School District is conducting a review of the arts programs (including music and visual arts courses and activities).  The arts are an integral part of any education program, and while not all students participate directly, the influence of the arts (or lack thereof) plays a vital role in both educational and career pathways as well as the overall climate of the school district. 

The goal of this review is to identify areas of strength within the programs as well as areas in which steps that could be taken to improve the programs and encourage more students to participate in the arts. 

We would encourage all stakeholders to participate in this survey to share their thoughts and experiences in our efforts to make the arts programs in Preston School District one of the top programs in the state of Idaho.

***Most questions are geared to parents of students or parents of former students.  If this does not apply to you, feel free to take the survey as a patron and skip any of the questions that don't apply.****