* 1. How did you hear about our project?

* 2. Did you visit the 'Day in the Life of Deniliquin' exhibition at the Peppin Heritage Centre?

* 3. Have you ever seen Street Art before?

* 4. Can you please tell us a little about your experience of the street art?

  Water Tower at the Rocket Park (John Morris from the Blighty Pub) Brontes Cafe Laneway (Rice Mill/Abattoir series) George Street Carpark (The Schoolkids) Deniliquin Newsagent Rear Laneway (Deniliquin after Dark) Deniliquin Library (Faces of Deniliquin) OB's Bakery Laneway (Pat Eagle and friends) Multi Arts Centre Hall (Faces of Deniliquin) None
Which location(s) did you see?
Your favourite location(s)?
Your least favourite location(s)?
The one(s) you remember the best?
The one(s) where you learned something new about Deniliquin?
The one(s) that made you laugh?
The one(s) that made you feel good about living in or visiting Deniliquin?

* 5. Please rate how your attitude or perception has changed since the street art has been installed:

  Lots more Fair bit more A bit more The same A bit less Fair bit less Lots less Don't know
Your knowledge of other local people
Your respect for other local people
Your knowledge of what 'art' is
Your level of positivity about being a member of the Deniliquin community
Your positive feeling about the town in general
Your feeling of 'belonging' to the Deniliquin region

* 6. Do you think that Deniliquin should undertake Street Art on a more regular basis?
If so what or who would you like to see represented?

* 7. Do you have any general comments, suggestions or anecdotes that we might find valuable?