Sign-on Thank you note to Senator Collins and King and Congresswoman Pingree-Protecting healthcare 

Sign-on Thank you note to Senator Collins, Senator King and Congresswoman Pingree- Protecting healthcare
Dear Senator Collins, Senator King, and Congresswoman Pingree,

We are pleased that you are leading the nation in the right direction by helping to defeat the Affordable Care Act repeal and advocating for bipartisan solutions to protect Medicaid and stabilize the healthcare marketplace. Our members include people with disabilities, family members, caregivers, people who work in the disability field, and other allies. We appreciate the visibility you have given to the disability community by publicly expressing concern around the effects deep cuts to Medicaid, reduced protection for pre-existing conditions, decreased access to health care in rural Maine, and increased out of pocket costs would have on this population. It is true that such policy changes would devastate children with disabilities, disabled adults, and seniors that need long term care, in addition to sick and rural Mainers. We've also noticed your efforts to advocate for a process that includes public hearings and bi-partisan collaboration. Thank you for your continued work to influence fellow members of Congress and others across the nation to move toward meaningful health care reform. If the goal of future health legislation is actually to provide better care, we think your colleagues would do well to learn this old Maine chestnut: You can't get there from here.

With Appreciation,

Citizens of Maine

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Kim Humphrey, Community Connect Maine and Erin Rowan, Disability Activists and Allies of Maine (DAAM)

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