2022 District 2 Community Projects Worksheet

Our council has decided to allocate a portion of this fiscal year’s budget to be assigned to special projects in each district. Each council district will be allocated $20,000 that must be spent by June 30, 2022. Please use this form to submit any ideas that you may have regarding District 2 projects that you feel should be included for consideration. 

Step 1. Gather ideas/interests (Deadline to return this form by 2/28/2022)

Step 2. Research ideas feasibility/cost (March 1-15th) <- IFC Committee Volunteer Opportunity

Step 3. Publish ranking tool (March 15th-30th available for public voting)

Step 4. Announce projects and schedules (published between April 1st-5th)  

Step 5. Complete community projects (April 6th – December 31st 2022)

1.      Funds must be disbursed no later than June 30, 2022 and projects completed no later than December 21, 2022.

2.      Projects should benefit the community at large and not solely a private property owner.

3.      Projects cannot take place on private properties without the owner’s approval.

4.      All projects will be reviewed with city administration to limit potential overlap and best use resources.

Please use this space to detail any ideas that you may have for potential community projects: 

Question Title

* 1. Community project idea #1

Question Title

* 2. Community project idea #2

Question Title

* 3. Community project idea #3

Question Title

* 4. Community project idea #4

Question Title

* 5. Community project idea #5

Question Title

* 6. Contact information 

Question Title

* 7. What is your preferred way of contact?

Question Title

* 8. Would you be willing to participate in the IFC Committee (March 1-15?) to help us gather costs and feasibility information?