This survey forms part of IN MOTION Ausdance WA’s dance sector consultation project 2024. With your support this research aims to provide outcomes that deliver:
● A better connected industry;
● Revitalised communications, information and resources for the industry; and,
● Government support for the industry.

So, your contribution is very important.

How will my input help?
Using your input, this consultation project as a whole will:
● Identify short, medium and long-term needs of the sector;
● Identify priorities to support the dance sector;
● Develop a road map and recommend strategies to meet those needs (pathways to solutions);
● Draft a plan for the development of resources (tools, programs and initiatives); and,
● Provide policy makers with important information for consideration.

The scope for the consultation is broad, with the aim of capturing diverse voices, current issues, and ideas and potential solutions for addressing the issues.

About the survey
The survey is necessarily comprehensive and will take some time to complete (we hope no more than 15-25 minutes). As a participant in the survey we’ll share the key findings back with you.

Please submit your responses to the survey by midnight Monday 11 March.

You can ‘opt in’ to keep your responses confidential. Any contact details we gather will only be used for follow-up purposes and will not be provided to any third party without your consent.

We anticipate your work may crossover with multiple sub-sectors e.g. teaching, independent, youth dance etc. We’ll ask you to identify the primary area in which you work, and also note any other areas you work in. Not all sections will be relevant to you - so please skip sections as appropriate to your area of involvement.

Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation, we greatly value your input.

Rick Heath
Push Management

In addition to this survey, five face-to-face consultation workshops will be held that focus on ‘sub-sectors’ in the industry. These include:
● Teachers in schools;
● Studio owners (incl studio teachers);
● Subsidised dance companies;
● Independent dance artists; and,
● Youth dance stakeholders.

An online workshop to support input from regionally-based dance artists, teachers, companies and dance studios will also be held. Subject to participant approval we will record and share this session.

Should I complete the survey if I’m going to attend a workshop?
Yes, absolutely! - We’ve designed the consultation project so that we can gather information from the sector that will inform the face-to-face workshops to make them as relevant and meaningful as possible.