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* 1. My oldest elementary child is in grade ______.

* 2. I describe my oldest elementary child as  __________.

* 4. Please answer (1) agree, (2) disagree, or (3) not sure to each of the questions to best describe your students' feelings about class/school.

  Agree Disagree Not Sure
My child likes to learn.
My child thinks school is fun.
Doing well in school is important to my child.
My child feels safe at school.
My child’s math assignments are rigorous/challenging.
My child is a leader.
My child definitely plans to go to college one day.
My child’s homework helps him/her do well in school.
My child’s school makes it easy for my child to “fit in.”
My child’s reading assignments are rigorous/challenging.
My child’s writing assignments are rigorous/challenging.
My child learns better when he/she use a computer.
I think my child will be successful in school next year.
My child feels welcome at school.

* 5. Which technology devices does your child have at home that allow him/her to complete online school assignments? (Check all that apply.)

* 6. Which of these statements best describes your child’s Internet access at home to be able to complete on-line school assignments? (Select only one.)

* 7. Please share any additional information that you think will help improve school performance.