Dear friend,

<p>You've reached this survey because something in our book, <i><a href="">Easy to Love but Hard to Raise: Real Parents, Challenging Kids, True Stories</i></a> (DRT Press, February, 2012), on <a href="">our blog</a> or our <a href="">Facebook page </a>caught your eye. You are raising a child who is <b>easy to love but hard to raise</b>. He or she has an "invisible" disability - a very real, neurological or emotional special need that results in behavioral difficulties that are not apparent when you look at your child, but very apparent when it comes to managing behavior. Alphabet soup diagnoses like ADHD, ODD, PBD, PDD, OCD, FASD, and many others mean something to you.

<p>You are here because you're one of us.

<p>The creators of our book are not academics, doctors, or professionals in the medical/therapy/psychological world. We are mothers and fathers of children who have very real, but "invisible" disabilities. We created the book, blog, and community because we know how crucial it is to connect with other people who are having the exact same experiences we've had when faced with the challenge of raising our children. We created this survey to further validate our feelings and our need for support. We want to know what YOU have in common with EVE.

<p>EVE is short for "Everyparent of an Easy to Love but Hard to Raise Child." She's an archetype, created from the truths-in-common of the 35 parent-writers who contributed their stories to the book and who post everyday on <a href="">our blog</a> and on <a href="">Facebook</a>. Eve's reason for being is to show other parents of hard to raise kids(kids with ADHD or other conditions that take the already difficult job of parenting and add to the challenge) that they are not alone; others have gone through similar experiences, made similar mistakes, and felt similar feelings.

<p>So tell closely do the following quotes from Eve match your special needs parenting experience?

<p>--- <i>Kay Marner and Adrienne Bashista, editors, <a href="">Easy to Love but Hard to Raise.</a></i>