heeey it's ainsley, welcome to my 2016 end of the year polyvore survey!!! please answer the following questions as helpful and as honest as you can. thank you!! love you all ❤

* 2. if you answered yes, why do you follow me? if you answered no, why not? (nothing rude please! but constructive criticism is appreciated c:)

* 3. what is something you like about my account / sadtrashqueen in general?

* 4. what is something you think i should change about my account? (again, please do not be deliberately rude but actually try to give constructive criticism!)

* 5. how often do you read my set descriptions? this is where i usually talk about my day, or what's going on in my life hehe

* 6. i've been thinking of replacing the tumblr post of the days in my description headers with something else. which of the following should i replace this section with? or should i keep them?

* 7. rate each of the types of sets i make on my account on a scale of 1 to 5 c:

  1 - omg they are so AWFUL!! BURN THEM ALL 2 - they're not that great 3 - ehh they're ok 4 - they're really good but need some work 5 - absolutely perfect and super creative, they are so beautiful they make me wanna cry
magazine sets:
simple sets:
art sets:

* 8. any more comments on sadtrashqueen that you want me to know?

* 9. thanks so much for completing my survey!! if you would like, please leave your polyvore username below if you want me to give you a shoutout in one of my sets. if not, just skip this question and your answers will be completely anonymous! stay lovely~

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