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I understand that maintaining safe conditions and reducing Antioch University’s COVID-19 risk is everyone’s responsibility, including mine. This includes being responsible and following safety protocols outside of the AU campuses as well as within them.

When I am coming to or am on an Antioch University campus, I pledge to:
- wear a face mask covering my nose and mouth at all times when/where required and expect my classmates and co-workers to do the same;

- frequently wash, dry, and sanitize my hands;

- not come to campus, leave campus immediately if I have a fever or any other symptom associated with COVID-19 (including cough, new loss of smell or taste, headache, chills, sore throat, shortness of breath, nausea, or vomiting) or notify staff immediately if I am feeling too ill to leave campus;

- alert my supervisor, program chair, or campus administrator if I cannot perform my work or studies safely or if I observe unsafe conditions or behaviors;

- support others and make every effort to be part of the solution as I recognize that this is a stressful and overwhelming time for many.

An outbreak of COVID-19 in our community could be harmful to me, my classmates and colleagues, community, and the Antioch  mission. I understand that breaking this pledge could be considered a conduct code violation. I acknowledge that while it may be challenging, I understand the consequences (and risk to those around me) of not upholding my pledge and I commit fully to the above actions.

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