If a wildfire occurs in Routt County, we want to be prepared to act quickly to minimize the loss of life to both people and animals, and to help those in harm's way. By filling out the following, you're taking a proactive roll in our ability to help others.
If an emergency occurs, those people who indicate below that they are willing and able to help will be contacted. Because of the dangerous nature of these situations, however, you are asked not to proceed into emergency/evacuation areas UNTIL DIRECTED. YOU SHOULD NOT PUT YOURSELF OR ANYONE ELSE AT RISK to save property, livestock, pets, etc.

* 1. Please list your full name and best telephone number to reach you at in the event of an emergency. Indicate if you can get text messages at this number.

* 2. In the event of a wildfire emergency, are you willing to:

  Yes, and it will be a donation Yes, for a fee Maybe, depending on situation No
Help Gather Livestock? (see #4)
Provide equipment? (see #4)
Transport Livestock? (see #5 & #6)
Transport Equipment? (see #5 & #6)
Provide Livestock Facilities? (see #7)
Provide hay? (see #8)
Provide pasture? (see#8)

* 3. In what area of Routt County do you live?

* 4. Do you have equipment and/or other resources available for use in the event of an emergency? (could be used in rescue situation, at large-animal shelter site, etc.) Check any and all that apply:

* 5. In an emergency, livestock and/or equipment may have to be moved from one location to another. Do you have equipment that can facilitate livestock and/or equipment movement? Indicate any and all that apply:

  With Truck Without Truck With Driver (see next question) Without Driver
Livestock Trailer
Flatbed Trailer

* 6. If you are able to transport livestock, how many of each could you transport (at one time)?

* 7. Do you have livestock handling FACILITIES that could be used by others in the event of an emergency? If yes, indicate what is available and at what capacity.

* 8. Do you have pasture or feed available for lease or sale?

* 9. Is there anything that you can provide your neighbors in Routt County during a wildfire emergency that hasn't been covered here?