This survey was designed to seek the views of experts, especially for those who were unable to attend this Symposium, and the general public on their perception of what is a sustainable diet and ways to promote it. The survey will last until 30 November 2010 and the results, as received by 30 October, will be made available on the Scientific Symposium web site.

2. Your age

3. Your profession

4. Gender

5. Sustainable diets should include the following elements (multiple choices)

6. Sustainable diets should exclude the following (multiple choices)

7. Do you think sustainable diets is a global issue?

8. Do you think that the topic of sustainable diet relates only to food security?

9. Rate the importance of each of the following elements for sustainable diets
1 (Not important)
2 (Of minor importance)
3 (Moderately important)
4 (Very important)
5 (Essential)

  1 2 3 4 5
Increasing the use of biodiversity for addressing food and nutrition insecurity without depleting it
Enhancing resilience of food systems through local crops
Use of a broader range of crops for more balanced and healthier nutrition
Use of agricultural practices that respect the environment
Commercialization of crops within limited distance from their cultivation area (zero-mileage approach)
Promotion of greater seasonality in food production
Use of food products with limited processing and packaging
Consuming less meat
Greater use of biodiversity to meet nutrient requirements of all ages and life stage groups
Promoting healthy dietary patterns through local biodiversity and culture

10. How to promote sustainable diets? (multiple choices)

11. What is your recommendation on sustainable diets and biodiversity (multiple choices)

12. Given that many nutrition-related interventions in developing countries rely on vested interests (e.g., aid in the form of agricultural surpluses which disrupt local systems, food and pharmaceutical industry formulations to provide nutrients, etc.), do you believe a Code of Conduct for Sustainable Diets would be useful?

13. Create a concise and comprehensive definition for sustainable diets (optional)

14. Please provide any additional comments

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