We want to know what kind of public involvement works for you. Cleaning up nuclear and chemical contamination at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Southeastern Washington is complicated and is going to take at least 40 more years. The Tri-Party Agencies (TPA) that run and regulate that cleanup (the US Department of Energy, the Washington State Department of Ecology, and the Environmental Protection Agency) are required to get input from you and consider comments on decisions they make about how to clean up Hanford’s waste sites. The more informed you are, the better you will be able to weigh in on critical decisions being made at Hanford.

This survey was created by the non-profit Hanford Challenge to get your input about how to improve public involvement. We conduct public education and outreach and are involved in a board of stakeholders called the Hanford Advisory Board. We have many opportunities to raise issues and share concerns with the agencies that run and regulate cleanup. Getting your feedback helps us to better communicate citizen concerns on the board and helps us tailor our education and outreach efforts to better suit your needs.

Public involvement is critical for decision-making at Hanford! Your input from this survey will be shared with the Tri-Party Agencies. Thank you!