Ninth District PTA Program Grants 2017-18 Grant Description

November 14, 2017

Ninth District PTA is offering Program Grants to unit and council PTAs in good standing to develop and implement programs and projects that support the PTA mission statement and goals.

Grants are available for programs in the following areas at the unit and council levels: health and welfare, parent and student education, and parent and student involvement.

Ninth District PTA grants are a one-time funding source and individual grant awards will not exceed $800.

All requested paperwork must be completed and included for an application to be considered. The unit president must sign the unit's application. The council president must sign the council's application. The PTA applying for the grant must have association approval of the program.

Units or councils must submit grant applications to the Ninth District PTA office by noon on Tuesday, January 16, 2018.  Postmarks will not be accepted. Applications may be hand delivered, electronically submitted via email to, through this online application; or mailed via USPS to the Ninth District PTA office; facsimiles (FAX) will not be accepted.  Ninth District PTA will not consider applications received after the deadline.

Grant recipients must do the following:
□   expend grant funds by June 1, 2018;
□   submit by June 1, 2018, to Ninth District PTA a report detailing the project’s goals and objectives, an evaluation of the outcomes and a budget of actual expenditures; and
□   return to Ninth District PTA any funds not used for the purposes stated in the original grant application,

The Ninth District PTA Grant Committee will select grant recipients, and decisions of the committee are final. Ninth District PTA will notify applicants of their standing by letter and a check will be sent to each grant award recipient. Grant recipients names will be included in the Ninth District PTA Annual Meeting/Founder’s Day program.

□   Your PTA/PTSA must be in good standing with your council and Ninth District PTA; i.e., membership dues and insurance must be paid by the grant application deadline, and tax filings must be up to date;
□   The PTA applying for the grant must sponsor the programs and projects;
□   Only one completed application will be accepted from each unit;
□   No payment of salaries or purchase of equipment will be considered;
□   No grants will be awarded for Grad Night or Disaster Preparedness materials;
□   Honoraria for program speakers may be listed as grant expenses;
□   New and innovative programs and financial need will be given strong consideration by the committee;
□   Expanding and improving existing programs will be considered.

We recommend that you prepare your application offline and then cut and paste the answers to the form that begins on the next page.  Please note you will need to upload the following documents for this application:
□   End of the year audit (June 2017) 
□  End of the year financial report (2016-17)
□  Immediate last two month’s treasurer’s reports
□  2017-18 PTA/PTSA budget

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