Is it time for philanthropy to acknowledge excess levels of material consumption as a driver of climate change and biodiversity loss, to be bolder in naming the problems associated with this, and more strategic in mobilising grants programmes in response?

This is a survey of foundation staff, leaders and boards, to gather baseline data on how the sector views the challenge of overconsumption. The more responses we get the more useful the findings are likely to be for the philanthropic community, so please do take 20 minutes to share your views.

The survey is comprised of a page with five short questions, followed by four more detailed questions, each with some 'context' and a 'proposition.' The context paragraphs and propositions relate to 'hot topics' in debates on overconsumption. This is followed by a concluding page that asks about your role and affiliation.

The survey can be completed anonymously, or there is an option to leave your contact details, which will enable us to send you the results directly, and to invite you to a webinar to share and discuss the findings with other funders.