The Berkeley Public Library would like to start a Graphic Novel Book Club for young adults. We would all meet once or twice a month to talk about our favorite graphic novels. There would be discussions, activities, movie / episode showings, etc. But first we need to hear from you, the readers!
Please take a moment to fill out this survey and let us know what you think.

* 1. What type of graphic novels do you typically read?

* 2. What is the most recent graphic novel / series you read?

* 3. How likely are you to attend a program like this?

* 4. How often do you think a group like this should meet?

* 5. When would be the best time for you to attend a program like this?

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday (afternoon) Saturday (afternoon)

* 6. What are some things you would want to see from a program like this?

* 7. Do you have any questions about this program?