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The challenges Americans face today are enormous: rising economic inequality, structural racism, the looming catastrophe of climate change -- and, on top of it all, a political system in which big money calls the shots. And that was before the election of Donald Trump, who is making all of these problems worse.

Change comes from the bottom up.  Local leaders have a major role to play in tackling these challenges in their own communities -- and in doing so, beginning to transform the nation. From creating good jobs to expanding public services to investing in education to preserving and creating affordable housing to defending the rights of immigrants and people of color, cities, counties and towns can transform people’s lives.

The Working Families Party is a progressive political organization that has helped elect thousands of candidates to local, state, and federal office. We believe in good jobs, good schools, and good government. We are committed to racial equity, a fair economy and a real democracy.  And we want to support candidates who believe that we can build communities that work for the many, not just the few.

If this sounds like you, then we want to help get you elected and to succeed in advancing the kind of country -- community by community -- that we need. (Not running for office yourself? If you know a great progressive candidate who is standing up for working families in your area, nominate them here.)

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