* 1. I found it easy to apply for open positions within our district?

* 2. I was contacted by the HR department in a timely manner.

* 3. I understood what steps would be required during the hiring process.

* 4. HR staff members were friendly and helpful.

* 5. I found the new hire packet easy to complete.

* 6. My onboarding session was scheduled in a timely manner.

* 7. I found the information presented during the onboarding session valuable.

* 8. The information provided in the New Employee Guide was helpful to me as a new employee.

* 9. I felt welcomed at Crowley ISD.

* 10. How did you first learn about the job opening at Crowley ISD?

* 11. Please comment on any aspect of the hiring process that you feel went particularly well.

* 12. Please comment on any aspects of the hiring process that are in need of improvement.

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