Information about your institute

* 1. General information about the institute

* 2. General information about the contact person

* 3. Does your institute provide academic courses in (multiple options possible):

* 4. Are these courses offered in English?

* 5. Do you provide these courses for medical students

* 6. Do you provide these courses for medical specialists and/or do you provide medical specialist training?

* 7. Do you ask for feedback regarding the quality of the given courses after they have taken place?

* 8. Are (some of) the courses in CM/ID/IC/hospital hygiene you provide CME accredited?

* 9. Do you provide practical courses or training and/or bedside teaching?

* 10. Please provide the contact details of two senior staff members at your institute for more information regarding the above-mentioned courses

* 11. Would you like to apply to function as an excellence and/or training centre?

An institute applying to be one of EUCIC’s Excellence Sites, must be internationally recognized for their special competency in infection prevention and control (IPC); provide academic courses and/or teaching for medical students in the fields of CM, ID, IC/HH and possibly public health, all in the English language (or be able to provide the courses in English); and have in place a collaborative network between departments that handles daily aspects, services and issues related to IPC. The latter prerequisite effectively guarantees the site’s meta-competence in the field. Universities, national reference centres or other institutes fulfilling the criteria above are welcome to apply, provided they are able to setup also the basic module in the future.

Ideally, every European country should have at least one training site. Eligible institutes must already be providing academic courses and/or teaching for medical students in the fields of IC/HH and/or public health. Applications should be send both via this platform and, seperately, to the national coordinators. The latter applications should include the topics and dates of the courses as well as the names of the responsible contact person.

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