Friendly match against the uni team 31.10.15

Hi everyone! In order to prepare for the first round of University championships on the 21st-22nd of November we are going to play a friendly match against the city club. This will take place on the 31st of October(a Saturday) at Chesterton sports centre on Gilbert Road (this court has the proper handball lines and getting used to those as well as with the pressure of playing a full match is important).  We have the opportunity to make a choice since the hall is available from 12 to 6 at the minute. You will find below 2 and a half hours slots: we will have one men's match and one women's match of either 30 or 45 minutes(maybe a second men's match), when choosing the best one for you please consider that i would still like everyone if possible to attend training from 6 to 8pm; if this is not do able we will see if it's worth actually having that session. I would like to encourage everyone to sign up but particulalry those who want  and can go to Birmingham on the 21-22nd of Nov, it is paramount to play in the formula we will be playing in the tournament. Any issues please ask!

* 1. What is your name please?

* 2. Are you part of the men's or women's team?

* 4. Will you attend training from 6 to 8pm on the same day?