* 1. What is(are) the most important feature(s) of a spa? (check all that apply)

* 2. Compared to our competitors, are Just For You's service prices higher, lower, or about the same?

* 3. Compared to our competitors, is Just For You's service quality better, worse, or about the same?

* 4. What changes would most improve Just For You's service?

* 5. What expectations do you have for the new Just for You location?

* 6. How likely would you be to choose this service in the future? (select all that apply)

* 7. Rate these services you are most likely to try or do for your skin:

* 8. Do you buy specific products in the salon?

* 9. Describe a GOOD and/or BAD experience from visiting a salon/spa:

* 10. How likely is it that you would recommend Just For You to a friend or colleague?

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