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SITCOM's Interagency Conservation Mentorship Program is intended to support the growth of both new and experienced conservation professionals by providing personal and professional connections between staff across all agencies, departments, and organizations across Wisconsin.

The program is designed to be dynamic and flexible to meet a wide variety of needs. Therefore, the program will not be prescriptive, with mapped guidelines for participants to follow. Rather, participants are asked to identify their own professional development goals and track their progress towards achieving them through their participation in the program, thereby truly owning the process.

In consideration of supervisors' and employees' demands on time, the program is intended to act as a complement to each participants' work. Similar to how an employee would attend a training during and in support of their work, their participation in this program is intended to be carried out in the same way.

We’re excited to see how this experience can support the collective growth and collaboration between all agencies, departments, and teams as we pursue our mission of carrying on Wisconsin’s rich tradition of conservation efforts.

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Thank you to all of our partners for helping make this program possible!

Thank you to all of our partners for helping make this program possible!